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We are so excited to be on this journey with you! Essence is an online portal, a virtual experience through the realms of magic, shamanism, and ritual. This is a place to learn about magic and mysticism, to taste the many avenues and modalities of spirituality and connection. In this space, we invite you to weave, to mingle, to share with an open heart, bring your gifts and be part of this global co-creation.

We bring to you a collective of modern witches, wizards, mystics, shamans, teachers and healers. Each have their own alchemical gift and medicine to bring to our planet. We encourage you to use your intuition and move towards those you feel drawn to or to those where you feel resistance. Explore this online bazaar with an open heart and trust in the journey. This is the place to find the path that resonates most with you!

Together we activate the planetary grid and move towards our evolution as humans and as a civilisation….

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                            ✨Looking forward to diving in deeper with you, through the cosmic
                                    and etheric realms, deeper into self and into the many subtle,
                                                       intricate layers of seen and unseen ✨
avatar for Alishina Jaguar Lightning

Alishina Jaguar Lightning

Alishina Jaguar Lightning
Founder & CEO
Los Angeles, California
Emerging from the depths of incest and childhood trauma, Alishina's journey began with a plant medicine-induced shamanic awakening in 2008 shaking the very core of their Authentic Self and Sexual Identity.  

Leaving a traditional marriage to a woman and a Fortune 500 Corporate career, Alishina answered the call to dive deeper into the shamanic path to ultimately reclaim their Authentic Sexuality, Personal Power, and ESSENCE. From the fields of Yoga, Trauma Healing, and the Ayahuasca Music Scene in the Sacred Valley of Peru, "Alishina" was born... which means "to become whole" in Q'uechua, the native energy medicine carriers in the Andes Mountains of South America.

Alishina is an initiate of Jaguar Spirit Medicine, a path known only to those shamanic legends who have been called to the deep unknown waters of Dark Feminine Embodiment.

Transcending the old paradigm models of Masculine and Feminine, Alishina is not only Gender Queer, they have forged their own path to the Authentic SELF through the Energetics of ESSENCE... the primal divine spark of EROS that truly is the Core of The New Consciousness emerging on Planet Earth as we enter the New Paradigm.

Alishina's passions include all things "coming out," multidimensional fitness, The Dark Feminine, The Genius of VOICE, Electronic Dance Music, and Classic Rock, with a burgeoning dream to bring a new genre of "Transformational Medicine Rock" to the mainstream as an conscious composer, guitarist, and vocalist. Alishina's hidden gift is the ACTIVATION of others through the Essence of Voice.


My Speakers Sessions

Friday, July 23

11:00pm CEST

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